Headrest table massage and care for wellness professionals

headrest table massage and professional care

With the aim ofimproving the working conditions of health and wellness professionals, theMassMe ergonomic headrest has its raison d'être.

Indeed, this headrest for massage and relaxation not only optimizes the position of customers and patients, but its versatility and practicality make it the ally of medical, therapeutic and well-being activities on a daily basis.

On the move, at home, in the office, in the workplace, MassMe brings you unprecedented comfort and mobility, replacing the massage table and massage chair, for seated or lying massage, medical or aesthetic treatments.

For what profession is the MassMe ergonomic headrest intended?

Certified as a medical device, MassMe is suitable for activities carried out in the context of medical, therapeutic or aesthetic care, requiring a sitting or lying position.

Thus, it will gladly be added to theprofessional massage and care equipment as :

  • Headrest table for physiotherapy orosteopathy
  • Portable headrest for massagers at home or in the workplace
  • Professional massage headrest for massage therapists, spas, massage parlours
  • Relaxing headrest for hairdressers, in the salon or at home
  • Wellness device for sophrology sessions, body therapy, yoga rooms, naturopathy, holistic treatments
  • Medical accessory for medical bed, examination table, post vitrectomy care
  • Auxiliary headrest for nurses, home care workers, occupational therapists, touch massage specialists
  • Headrest cushion for a chair or table foranti-ageing and aesthetic modelling treatments
  • Personalised relaxation area in the waiting room, rest and relaxation room

In addition, the headrest can be used by students in school training to test their technical skills.

headrest massage and professional care
Use MassMe for all your business needs
portable headrest for business travel

Portable headrest for business trips

With MassMe, no need to carry your heavy and bulky folding massage table anymore!

Ideally used in home care services, the professional headrest is your lightweight transportation solution for replace your massage table or serve as a massage chair, at the client's house.

This portable kit of massage and care is the delight of practitioners on the move, who must manage their time and are often in an emergency:

  • Our clever headrest has the good idea to weigh just over 1 kilo and has a carrying handle.
  • In addition, its small footprint and compact design allow you to transport it by car, scooter, or public transport.
  • The universal headrest, adjustable on all supports, can be fixed or installed very quickly, without any tools, allowing the double position, sitting or lying, on table, chair, bed, or on the ground.
  • Between two visits, the imitation leather headrest cushion cover can be quickly cleaned with a disinfectant spray, cleansing milk or baby milk. As for the textile cover made of bamboo fibre, you can remove it and exchange it in a jiffy, thanks to its wide zip. With a little more time, you can wash it by hand or in a short programme in the washing machine at 30 degrees, to go on a visit with a brand new cushion !

Save time and space with MassMe!
Compact and space-saving
Multi-Support / Tool-less adjustable
Lightweight and transportable
Fast maintenance /Resistant and durable

Order MassMe for home use

Professional solution for massage table and massage chair

In order to meet the needs of health and wellness professionals, theMassMe headrest supportachieves the best performance in the dualrole of massage table and massage chair.

This distinction allows our professional accessory, to create spaces dedicated to the techniques of lying or sitting massage , to complement or replace themedical equipment ofhomepractitioners .

Whether you are a self-employed or self-employed person working at home, our two-in-one headrest helps you to amicswim at a lower price your workspaceto receive your customers in the best conditions.

massage and care table accessory

Improved massage and care table

Accessory for multi-function massage table, MassMe is compatible with massage tables classic, folding or fixed and installs with disconcerting ease.

To transform a bed into a massage table, the headrest is second to none. In fact, it can be fixed regardless of the thickness of a mattress and the height of a standard bed, a folding bed, a futon, or a convertible sofa.

Adjustable in height and inclination, the professional headrest remains the best alternative to use as a bed, table or sofa, as an inpatient bed, examination table, or custom massage area.

Versatile massage table or massage bed, the compact headrest can keep its place on its support, without loss of space, for a massage or lying down treatments, without loss of time.

On the other hand, the headrest cushion will improve the comfort of a spa table, when receiving jets, by keeping the head in perfect balance, wedged to the support, during jolts.

Your clients will also welcome the comfortable MassMe cushion, instead of the hard cushion of your massage table, which you will give a second life to!

Aneconomical headrest, MassMe allows you to customize and upgrade your massage table, instead of buying a new one.

professional solution massage chair

Headrest ideal for massage while sitting on a chair

As a table support for massage and treatment chairs, the MassMe headrest multiplies the professional benefits.

First of all, it can be placed or fixed quickly on a table edge, the face cushion allowing to instantly release cervical tension of the massage, while the base serves as an armrest.

This time saving is welcome when you have a lot of visits to accumulate in a day and facilitates the amma massage, relaxing and fast, since in 15 minutes, it provides a complete relaxation to the patient.

Without using any massage oil at all, you offer a comfortable position to the person being massaged, who can stay dressed, which will be appreciated by modest people, or the elderly, visited at home or in Ehpad.

This position is just as pleasant for the professional, who does not have to bend over the person lying down.

Thechair massage headrest is an ideal seated relaxation accessory for occupational therapy sessions, energy massages, or specific massage therapy gestures, combining sweeping and percussion.

On a chair, armchair or stool, this support is also a good way to offer its services, to practice seated wellness massages in companies.

Choosing your headrest for sitting or lying down relaxation

Why MassMe improves massage and professional care?

For massage sessions or quality treatments, the ergonomic structure of the MassMe headrest, combined with the relaxing virtues of its face cushion, offers an ideal positioning, sitting or lying down.

massage and enhanced massage treatments

As soon as you put your patient's face or neck on it, the relaxation of muscular tension will automatically take place, resulting in theevacuation of stress !

In addition, the shape memory cushion design automatically corrects the posture to align the spine, as it conforms to the facial morphology.

You will be able to administer therapeutic gestures or technical medical acts, on a person maintained in a stable position and in a favourable state of mind, to receive a puncture, an injection of an aesthetic nature, or acupuncture needles.

This support also makes it possible to manipulate the body during massage therapy or wellness massage techniques, designed to relax the muscles through pressure, tapping, stretching, or vibration.

Thus, thetherapeutic headrestcan be used safely as a positioning cushion during a back massage, as well as in traditional Chinese medicine as a shiatsu massage cushion, neck support during a reiki energy massage, cervical cushion forreflexology, or acupressure.

Designed, manufactured
and assembled IN FRANCE

massage cushion MassMe