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First connected headrest to improve well-being in the workplace

In order to improve the quality of life and health on a daily basis at work and at home, the MassMe Office kit offers an optimised relaxation area for employees and managers alike, at the office, or wherever working conditions allow.

Our Connected Head rest is the first natural, practical, modern, efficient and economical solution for relaxing in a seated position, thanks to an ultra-comfortable headrest cushion and an online site based on audio-guided relaxation.

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Audio-guided relaxation with MassMe Office: How does it work?

The universal massage and relaxation headrest MassMe comes with a brand new feature, becoming the first personal audio-guided relaxation headrest at work and at home.

By combining its headrest with audio support, the MassMe Office custom kit provides both physical and mental relaxation, allowing you to recharge your batteries while taking a break for a micro-nap or audio guided relaxation.

Until then, there was no suitable personal support for a few minutes of relaxation!

In order to access our online sessions, you must first create your client account and log in to enter your personalized relaxation area, on any medium with an internet connection, on any platform and any OS.

After putting on your headphones or headsets and isolating yourself by putting your mobile phone in "do not disturb" mode, you can comfortably place your head on the face cushion of the headrest and your arms on its base.

At this moment, one can already feel the immediate effects of relaxation, thanks to the shape memory cushion, which instantly releases all nervous and muscular tensions.

According to his or her wishes, the user then chooses his or her personalized theme, to escape for 20 minutes of accompanied relaxation to the sound of comforting and stimulating voices or noises.

MassMe Office operation

MassMe Office Custom Audio Guide Program

  • Covid 19: Easier management of the impact of the pandemic on daily life

  • Creativity: Let your creativity express itself in full consciousness, in order to advance a professional project.

  • Emotivity: Controlling emotions to transform them into a constructive and positive resource.

  • Physical recovery and relaxation: Remove fatigue and tension with a deep relaxation session.

  • Relaxation: Fighting stress effectively

  • Music: Enjoy a relaxing musical interlude

  • Nature: Escape to the sound of nature

The meditation sessions were conducted in collaboration with Dr. Thomas Hirtzig, PhD, professional sophrologist in Nice.

MassMe office can be customized on request with :

  • Your company logo or registration

  • Noise-cancelling headset with space for wired or Bluetooth headphones
  • Cushion color to choose from

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set up a relaxation area in the company

How do you set up a corporate relaxation area with MassMe Office?

To create a wellness area that respects time management in companies, we have created a seated relaxation support, mobile or fixed, that can be installed in record time.

Thanks to our wellness tool, there is no need to invest in sophisticated and expensive equipment to equip a rest room, which would require not only additional rental costs, but also daily cleaning.

The only requirement for the MassMe Office connected headrest will be to be placed on a horizontal surface, such as a table, desk, shelf or counter, and to have an internet connection available. But you can also use the individual staff workstation , or a room specially dedicated to employee relaxation.

Adjustable in height and inclination, the headrest can be used as a :

  • Individual desktop support
  • Table headrest in a meeting room
  • Headrest cushion in open space and in co-working
  • Positioning cushion for resting or waiting rooms, also to make customers wait!

Asolution adapted to health risks, since for individual use and without any floor space, the headrest is compact enough to be stored in a cupboard or remain attached to its support, without encroaching on the workspace.

Add to this space-saving feature an express, tool-free installation, a featherweight of 1.2 kg and a large carrying handle, and our portable headrest can be quickly switched from one station to another and easily accompany you on your business trips.

The MassMe Office kit can be used by wellness professionals to provide care in the workplace and at the same time allow staff to enjoy the benefits of seated massage in the workplace.
Create a workplace wellness area with MassMe Office

How can I improve working conditions with MassMe Office?

Workplace wellness has become an evolving societal phenomenon as business leaders have come to realize that an employee is more productive when they are happy and healthy.

It is the challenge for the Human Resources Director, the head of the Prevention and Quality of Life at Work department, or the Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) to create a relaxation area for employees by offering a tool that is adapted and recognised by occupational medicine.

This is why the use of the MassMe Office relaxation kit is recommended daily, to combat fatigue, stress, improve creativity, productivity, keep attention and good mood and thus play a decisive role in the prevention of psychosocial risks.

With our connected headrest, wellness at work or at home, through physical and mental relaxation, to improve performance, while preserving your health!

physical and mental relaxation at work

Enhancing well-being at work through physical and mental relaxation

With a neck cushion and meditation support, MassMe Office achieves the dual performance of relaxing the body and mind, while providing a multitude of physical and therapeutic benefits.

To achieve optimal recovery during break time, our well-being at work solution takes into account all the parameters to offer maximum comfort to its user.

Thus, the individual relaxation support allows an intimacy that a rest room cannot offer, putting the employee at ease and keeping away any parasitic noise around him, to fully enjoy his privileged moment.

First, the comfortable position of the headrest cushion helps to release cervical tension installed after long static positions, sitting at the desk, in front of a computer screen, behind a telephone, or in prolonged standing position.

At the same time, the face cushion will help torelieve stress, so that you can relax more easily and the audio-guided relaxation method acts more quickly.

Conversely, by relaxing the mind, the beneficial results brought to the mind will then act on the body and stimulate the user's energy and good mood.

Indeed, this deep relaxation allows you to get rid of all the tensions accumulated during the previous hours, to pursue your professional activities with serenity.

As amedical device, our headrest reinforces its therapeutic effectiveness by providing meditative micro-sessions specially created to help you live better at work and recharge your batteries efficiently.

Through sounds with an immediate relaxing effect, meditation with MassMe Office calms both body and mind, leading to a state of mindfulness, to focus on the positive, to breathe better and to ward off cardiovascular accidents.

microsiesthesia at work

The micro nap at work to improve performance

Whereas in Japan, the nap is compulsory at work and is a proof of dedication to the company, practised alone in the office or even in a work meeting, Western mores still have difficulty perceiving its usefulness. However, thanks to its very quick restorative qualities, the micro-nap satisfies an indispensable natural physiological need, to get a second wind in the middle of the day.

Based on the principle that in order to associate well-being with performance, occupational health must first be taken into account, we have designed the ideal tool to familiarize companies with micro-nutrition and its benefits.

The MassMe Office connected headrest brings you back in touch with yourself, so that you can better understand a situation, focus on priorities and get rid of nervousness, fatigue, lack of concentration and other symptoms that disturb the quality of your work. This state of absolute relaxation allows you toavoid the after-meal blow and keep your vigilance, improve your reflexes, regain your motivation and commitment to work.

Knowing that the nature of working conditions plays a major role in the rate of absenteeism and burn-out, we recommend that you adopt this kit to prevent psychosocial and relational risks and increase staff productivity for :

  • Decrease errors due to sleep deprivation
  • Reduce prolonged or repeatedabsences and prevent musculoskeletal disorders, the leading cause of recognized occupational disease.
  • Avoid the presenteeism of employees who are present without making a commitment.
  • Improve relationships between colleagues and avoid conflict through better management of one's emotions
  • Give a good image of the company
  • Attracting and retaining new employees

Using MassMe Office is part of an effective management policy, because in just 20 minutes, thanks torelaxing and energizing micro-sessions, you will find your employees ready to resume their activities in a good mood, rested and relaxed!

The micro-nap with MassMe Office: An asset for employers!

According to a study conducted by NASA, a short nap of 20 minutes increases productivity by 35%!

Ordering the MassMe Office connected headrest

Who is the MassMe Office connected headrest for?

headrest relaxation at work

MassMe Office was created to bring a quick recovery solution to the workplace, to contribute to the happiness of companies and employees.

Drowsiness, eye fatigue, loss of attention, occur naturally during the work day, particularly affecting overworked people, those who get up early and go to bed late.

In other words, all public or private sectors can benefit from the headrest and its website, considering that the vast majority of the population uses Internet services at home or in business.

Whether at work or at home, in the office or in the community, MassMe Office is a wellness solution for relaxation while sitting, ideally on a chair or office chair.

Nevertheless, the audio-guided relaxation headrest can be perfectly suitable for those who spend their days at the office, as well as for those who work outside, since it can even find its place on their knees!

By using only the base plate at the right angle and placing your head on the cushion, you can enjoy the benefits of the immobilized device.

To keep their minds alert, night workers will appreciate a relaxing moment with MassMe Office, to isolate themselves from neon lights and noise and regain their full concentration.

Thanks to our mobile support, in the security and public order services, firefighters and law enforcement officers who need to make quick decisions with clear-sightedness, will be able to recharge their batteries and keep their vigilance.

The same is true in the medical and hospital sector, where staff, who are particularly stressed and overwhelmed by the coronavirus crisis, need to decompress and be on the alert at all times.

MassMe Office more efficient than coffee!

It takes 30 minutes for the coffee to work, while the effects of relaxation with MassMe Office are immediate!

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and assembled IN FRANCE

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