Olivier PETRI, during his travels abroad, was able to appreciate the virtues of the massages, largely related to the good positioning of the body. Relaxing moment by excellence, but also nice moment of connection for the couple, Olivier notices the absence of comfortable and ergonomic solution adapted to the bedding to realize comfortable massages in the intimacy of the room.
He then  hand made creates and  in collaboration with massage professionals, a first prototype tested with his entourage and his friends, confirming its usefulness. Wishing to share this anti-stress solution with the general public, he designs MassMe, a well-being product: universal, compact and transportable.
He entered the Tremplin contest and received the innovation jury prize, thus validating the innovative and unprecedented nature of his product.


In 2017, he founded Lazurco, a company based in Nice, which will design, model and then distribute MassMe. The valorization of the French know-how,  sustainable production methods are important values ​​for Olivier PETRI.
The suppliers’ choices will therefore be based on these eco-responsibility criteria:

• Raw materials, manufacturers, various stakeholders are in France, and as soon as possible in the Nice Region to reduce the carbon impact to the maximum.

• The materials used meet the criteria of the REACH regulation of the European Union, allowing end of life recycling and recovery of waste.

• The inks used on the packaging are vegetal and Lazurco adheres to the Citéo network that recycles packaging.




The MassMe headrest is born!
It now allows you to transform your bed into a perfect massage and relaxation area … and to enjoy a comfort similar to that of a spa or institute!
Thanks to this innovative support, a massage at home in the hands of your partner is possible: your head is placed in the natural axis of your spine when lying down. Allowing perfect muscle relaxation, it ends uncomfortable massage and neck pain … Without any fixation and placed between mattress and bed base of one of the sides of your bed (with or without bed frame), MassMe is easily adjustable in height and inclination and adapts perfectly to the thickness of your mattress.
MassMe can also be used in a sitting position, placed on a table, for moments of relaxation or cervical massages at home and at your workplace..

Designed, manufactured
and assembled IN FRANCE

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