coussin de massage MassMe

The MassMe headrest allows you to turn your bed or table into a perfect massage and relaxation area.

What’s more pleasant than a massage? You can now discover the benefits at home, in your bed, thanks to MassMe. Lying, your head resting on the cushion, your spine is perfectly aligned, as in institute … It’s up to you to explore the many facets of home massage!

coussin de massage MassMe
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coussin MassMe


coussin de massage MassMe

MassMe can be installed on a bed (with or without a frame), on a table, sunbathing for a massage while lying down, or on a desk for a seated massage. It can be easily adjusted in height and inclination to the morphology of each.


coussin de massage MassMe

MassMe’s memory foam gives you gentle support that relaxes all tension in your neck, back and shoulders for complete relaxation during massage.


coussin de massage MassMe

The small footprint of MassMe once folded, allows him to stay on the bed waiting for his next use. Lightweight, it is easily transportable from one room to another or can fits into a suitcase during a trip.

Designed, manufactured
and assembled IN FRANCE

coussin de massage MassMe