If you are looking for a solution to increase the productivity of your employees, if you are looking for a solution to increase the productivity of your employees, then look no further, we have an effective tip for you.

Are you wondering how to increase employee productivity?

Although your employees are committed and motivated, they can still suffer from fatigue, which can affect their work rhythm. Repetitive movements, inappropriate posture or wrong movements can be the cause of chronic and exhausting pain. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to offer them a optimised working environment and thought to develop their well-being? Short relaxing breaks can be the right solution for develop their productivity and creativity. By offering them the opportunity to rest effectively for a few minutes each day, you will see your employees become more efficient week by week. In order to create a cosy space without having to move all your furniture, we offer you a fully removable personal headrest. Installed in the office, it will quickly bring an added value considerable for increase productivity at work. Your company will be delighted with this relaxing investment in the well-being of its team.
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How can our headrest improve employee productivity?

Made and assembled in France, our headrest reflects the quality of our workmanship combined with our expertise. We have designed it specifically to fit the shape of the face and provide the comfort and support necessary for optimal relaxation. Its removable ergonomics allow for a more effective relaxation session wherever you are. This feature improves time management and provides the opportunity to take short, restorative breaks in the workplace. Improving productivity with an office nap cushion is possible! With no floor clutter, every member of your team can enjoy its benefits. This little break in their working day will help them regain their energy and quickly make their work more productive. The quick and intuitive installation of our MassMe personal headrest will bring a serene atmosphere to your office in a snap.