Known since the dawn of time, we believe that the many benefits on the body and mind of massage and relaxation are still relevant today to actively contribute to happiness.

To democratize them we are convinced of the importance of the massed posture. Avoid cervical torsion of the head on the side, improve muscle relaxation and allow breathing without constraint as on a professional massage table are essential.

At home such ergonomics, lying on your bed is impossible. We had to question this status quo thanks to a simple solution to implement and compatible whatever the type of bedding and the thickness of the mattress.

It is on these specifications that we have created MassMe, the new universal well-being massage and relaxation headrest for the home made in France by LazurCo, our start-up.

Today, LazurCo offers a range of reclining or sitting headrests suitable for massage, relaxation and quality of life at work to meet the needs of individuals, wellness professionals, companies and communities.

Olivier PETRI – Founder

Olivier PETRI


LazurCo, born in 2017, has its headquarters in Nice in the south of France. In everything we create, we work on the basis of our founding values: promotion of French know-how, reasoned production and sustainable development.
The choice of our suppliers is based on eco-responsibility criteria:

• raw materials, manufacturers, various stakeholders located in France and as soon as possible in the southern region to reduce the carbon impact.

• materials meeting the criteria of the REACH regulation of the European Union, allowing end-of-life recycling and recovery of waste.

• inks used on vegetable packaging and participation in the Citéo network for packaging recycling.


Olivier PETRI



Thanks to this innovative support, a massage at home in the hands of your partner is safer and more pleasant than ever: your head is placed in the natural axis of your spine when you are lying down. Allowing perfect muscle relaxation, it puts an end to uncomfortable massages and neck pain… Without any fixation and placed between the box spring and mattress on one side of your bed (with or without bed frame,) MassMe is easily adjustable in height and tilting and adapts perfectly to the thickness of your mattress.

Allows owners of seasonal rental accommodation or hotels to provide their customers with a well-being solution without major investments.

Can also be used in a sitting position, MassMe for wellness professionals is an additional accessory to the massage table or chair. Compact and light, it makes traveling to the customer’s home easier and saves precious time. In an institute or in a cabinet, MassMe allows you to upgrade an old table. It also adapts in humid environments in Spa. MassMe allows you to offer new solutions in waiting or rest rooms for your customers and innovative wellness services in companies and communities, …

To improve the quality of life at work, MassMe positioned on a desk offers companies an individual and refreshing mid-day solution for employees. Simple to implement and without any space to create!

Olivier PETRI

Designed, manufactured
and assembled IN FRANCE

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