Are you looking for a lightweight folding physiotherapy massage table light, space-saving and easy to transport? Massme is theideal alternative to make your life easier when travelling for work or massage at home.

Is there a professional equivalent to the folding physiotherapy massage table?

An essential accessory for in-depth muscle work, the folding massage table is the professional tool par excellence for physiotherapists on the move. Nevertheless thespace requirement generated is as disabling as the weight to be lifted while on the move. When travelling to your patients’ homes, carry your folding physiotherapy massage table becomes a heavy burden. For many applications, such as wellness massages or therapeutic massages, MassMe will meet your expectations and fully replace your bulky massage table folding physiotherapy table. Indeed, our massage headrest, designed and manufactured in France, will simply be installed at the edge of a table or bed of your patients to offer you the same advantages as a folding physiotherapy table. Lying down and relaxed, your clients will be able to benefit from all the benefits of an intense massage. Not only logistically convenient, the MassMe universal massage headrest is also very economical. Better than a professional massage table second hand it will cost you cheaper and will serve you in various situations; for lying or sitting massages with optimal comfort for your customers.
table de massage pliante coussin MassMe

Is it possible to get the benefits of a folding massage table without taking up too much space?

This massage headrest will satisfy both professionals and non-professionals thanks to its ease of installation and limited size. We want to offer you a product that will relax you on a daily basis without cluttering up your home. To relieve chronic pain or simply to spend a pleasant moment, a massage session remains an essential element. Much more practical than a folding physiotherapy table, it is easy and intuitive to install and store. You won’t need to set up a dedicated space to enjoy a moment of well-being. Comfortable and soft, the cushion will accommodate any face shape. Thanks to a relaxing and restful position, the body will already be free of tension before the massage begins. All you have to do is let yourself go in this little cotton cloud that we have created especially for you. The ease of use of our MassMe massage headrest will quickly change your daily routine. We wanted to give you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a folding physiotherapy massage table without cluttering up your home. You will quickly discover for yourself that physical well-being is naturally accessible. Your body will thank you and your mind will be at peace.

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