Project Description

Compact headrest for unlimited massage and relaxation

Designed to facilitate and improve the life of individuals as well as professionals, the MassMe headrest has the advantage of being compact and of not taking up any space in your bedroom or in any room of your home.

MassMe folded against your bed, in a waiting position

So, after use, the folded MassMe can remain positioned on the side of your bed, waiting for the next massage party or relaxation session!

Once the headrest has found its place, you can be sure that you won’t have to make any extra effort to set up your massage as a couple or within the family. In addition, the compact shape of the headrest gives you the opportunity to easily create a friendly wellness area, for your friends or family members.

In the summer, MassMe can be placed on a garden table or a deckchair to enjoy the benefits of the relaxing cushion for reading or relaxing.

The rest of the year it can be used as a relaxation area in the office, fixed or positioned on a table. But MassMe’s compact design offers a multitude of choices for creating permanent or temporary
relaxation areas, as you wish.