Project Description

How to attach MassMe to your massage or treatment table?

Does your massage or treatment table not have a headrest or does your headrest need to be

No problem, our versatile headrest can be installed on the end of any table available on the market.

  • If your table has a reclining backrest: Massme’s headrest simply slides between the table frame and the reclining backrest.
  • If your table does not have a reclining backrest, but has a mattress or mattress topper: Simply slide the product base between the table and the mattress or mattress topper.
  • If your table has neither a reclining backrest nor a mattress: Then the MassMe base is to be placed on the table. In this case, for the comfort of the person being massaged, a foam or a folded towel should ideally be placed on the base.

An ideal headrest cushion for professional massage tables

Very comfortable, the ergonomic headrest’s memory cushion gives you the opportunity to replace your table’s hard cushion without any major expense.

In this way, you will please your clients by recycling your professional massage and health care
and giving it a second life!